All About The Farm

At New House Farm we care about food production. We’re concerned about animal welfare. We’re passionate about preserving the environment around us and creating a sustainable industry, and we understand the important link between the food we eat and our health.

This is why we have independently farmed Organically since 1989.

Then, in 1997 we registered with Organic Farming and Growers Ltd. to receive our Organic certification. (No 11UK F030109).

What is Organic and what does it mean?

The principles of Organic farming came from research into soil science, crop breeding, animal husbandry, and ecology. It seeks to encourage food production that works in harmony with nature.

This means:

  • No artificial chemical fertilizers and pesticides
  • No genetically modified (GM) crops or ingredients
  • Traditional methods of crop rotation
  • Diverse eco-systems encouraged by maintaining hedgerows and creating spaces for fauna and flora to flourish.
  • All animals are Free-Range
  • All animal feed is Organic
  • Special slaughtering standards enforced at Organic registered abattoirs

What do we do?

We are a small Organic farm of 80 acres, mainly producing beef, lamb, eggs, and some salad, fruits, and vegetables.

We have a Beef Suckler heard of 40 Hereford cattle.
50 Texel and Charolais sheep that produce approximately 80 lambs each year.
50 local Rare Bread Derbyshire Redcap hens producing eggs (and who famously like to sleep in our sycamore tree in the yard!).
20 ex-battery rescue chickens, as well as 8 Malaysian serama bantems.
We also have four goats, seven tufted ducks, twelve geese, three beautiful Icelandic horses, and, of course, a beloved farm dog.

On the farm, there are three Polytunnels, one outdoor allotment, and fruit trees, all growing vegetables, salads, and fruits. We mow our fields to produce organic hay and silage to feed our animals.

Conservation is important to us; we have wildflower meadows and ancient pasture land, 2.5 acres of planted woodland, hedgerows, a pond, and willow beds.

The biodiversity found on the farm reflects this; you can find things from Buzzards to Mushrooms to Stoats to Hedgehogs to Butterflies to Rare Flowers, and many more!

Where we are

The farm is located just outside the centre of the tranquil village of Kniveton. With a fantastic network of public footpaths running through and around the farm, we are perfectly located for anybody wishing to explore the beauty of the countryside by foot.

Places within 4 miles include Carsington Water, Tissington Trail, Dovedale, and the Georgian town of Ashbourne.

There are also a number of local attractions that can be reached by foot, public transport or car. These include Alton Towers, Chatsworth House, The National Stone Centre, Derwent Valley World Heritage Site, Buxton, Matlock Bath and Bakewell.

Photo by Mark Pickles, July 2021