Organic Farm Shop

We have a range of products we offer for campers and visitors, though the availability of certain items depends on the season. 

  • A full range of our own Organic Beef and Lamb. It is slaughtered at a local organic abattoir and then butchered, packaged and labelled by a local butcher.
  • Free-range rare-breed Pork from a neighbouring farm.
  • Derbyshire Redcap Hens eggs, Duck eggs and Goose eggs.
  • Salad bags and a few vegetables


These are approximate prices and we will provide a selection of pack sizes as close to your order as is possible.


Pack of 2
Pack of 4

Steak (Fillet, Sirloin,
Rump, Frying)
Varies£4 – £8*
Burgers (Mint, Spicy)

Pack of 2
Pack of 4

Sausages (Mint, Spicy)Pack of 6£4 – £5
ChopsPack of 5£5
Steak 200 – 300G£4 – £5
Back bacon

Pack of 10 – 12

£6 – £7
Streaky baconPack of 10 – 12£5.50 – £6.50
Sausages (Plain, Cumberland,
Apple, Old English, Chive)
Pack of 6 – 8£3.50 – £4.50

Box of 6
Box of 12

DuckBox of 6£3
Goose1 Singular£1

*Steaks are all individually packed and vary in size, please contact us with your preferred order and we will confirm size / price.

The meat is all frozen and vacuum-sealed.
Packs will thaw in a few hours, or you can speed up thawing by putting packs into water.

Please contact us for more details or for special requests 🙂